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Plumb Connex Group Pty Ltd was incorporated in 2016 and has been formed quickly by a team of established professionals with in the Commercial Plumbing space. The Plumb Connex team have grown out from working in projects calling for residential home unit expertise.


Plumb Connex's strengths are highlighted through its commitment to excellence and service, achieved by hard work, innovation and teamwork.


This blend of skills, experience and attitude has enabled the Company to prosper and expand in this highly competitive field. The expansion of our expertise into this growing market place has led to the formation of the prosperous company we are today, Plumb Connex Group Pty Ltd.

Our mission

Plumbing Design, Instalaltion and Hydraulics Done Right and On-Time

Experience has tought us a lot and our team has over 20 years of it combined. Through our attention to detail,  and proactive innitiatives we ensure a high standard through every stage of any given project.

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Plumb_Connex_Our Mission2.jpg

Our Journey So Far



67 Apartments

Plumb_Connex_Our Journey.jpg
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780 Apartments

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