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Our Services include but are not limited to Plumbing Design, Plumbing Installation and Hydraulics Systems. Our services are ensure by our commitment to excellence and service, achieved by hard work, innovation and teamwork.

  • Hydraulic design & construction

  • Stormwater & subsoil drainage

  • Stormwater Siphonics

  • Sewer sanitary plumbing & drainage

  • Grease waste drainage

  • Coldwater services and backflow prevention

  • Hot and warm water services

  • Recycled and rainwater services

  • Natural gas and liquefied gas service

  • Sanitary fixture and tapware fit-out

  • Acoustic insulation

  • Fire rating

  • Fire hydrant & hose reel service


Building Plan

Our approach to Plumbing Design is marticulously thoguht out, cost strategic and most imporrtantly mindful towards potential risks or faults. This is key reason why we are known for deliving supurb standards.



Plumbing Installation forms our way of Plumbing Design, implenmeted by our experienced array of Plumbing Trades and Sub-Trades. Our Project Management Team ensure the cost management and appropriate allocation of Trades and resources through every stage of construction. 



Another key area of focus at Plumb Connex is our implementation of Hydraulics Servcices for large scale residential and commercial construction projects.

We’ve developed strict systems and procedures to ensure all Australian standards are met on all our Hydraulics projects.

Our promiss is to deliver compliant, reliable and cost effective Hydraulic Systems.


Call us today to discuss what we can do for your next project. 

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